Welcome to our website. We render unique legal services with special focus on intellectual property asset protection and management. Intellectual property comprises of patent, trademark, copyright, industrial design, trade secret, franchise and geographical indication. We recognise that maintain your competitive edge depends on the protection of your innovation. We help to realise your leadership in business.

We are a firm of legal practitioners with operational office in Abuja and London. We provide legal services with special focus on intellectual property rights (IPR) in Nigeria.

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Intellectual property management

Intellectual property is a right of private property granted for the creation of the mind. It is a right granted to inventors, authors, artists and creative endeavour exclude others from exploiting th

Trademark Infringement on the Internet

A trade mark is defined as any sign capable of being represented graphically which is capable of distinguishing goods or services of one undertaking from those of another.[1] A trade mark may consist

Domain Names and Trademark Infringement

Domain names are often used like trade mark to identify the ‘home’ of its user on the internet. They are often unique to the person who registered them. This helps to minimise confusion in identifying

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